Adventures in Ghostsitting Series


An Adventures in Ghostsitting novella, Book One

Mel Hargrove, eighties enthusiast, is the protector of much more than random cars and broken washing machines. Each piece in her precious junkyard has a ghost attached to it. No one in Frysville is aware of the secret that’s just down the road from them, and she wants to keep it that way. But when she finds naked statues of aging townspeople in the main square, she must figure out if someone, or something, is missing from her junkyard and out causing havoc. With a host of ghosts behind her and her new boyfriend beside her, Mel is ready to take on almost anything. Almost being the operative word…

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An Adventures in Ghostsitting novella, Book Two

Things at the ghostly junkyard have calmed down since Mel Hargrove and her boyfriend, Becker, destroyed a nasty ghost bent on mischief and mayhem. So when Becker brings a stray dog to her house, one that seems to understand far more than it should and might have brought along a ghostly friend, she is not exactly happy. A junkyard full of ghosts is no place for a pet — or for ghosts she can’t see or talk to.
She tries everything she has in her arsenal to get answers, but time is running out when she finally realizes what they’re up against. No amount of hairspray, jelly shoes, or lace gloves is going to get her out of a confrontation that threatens not only her home but possibly her very life.



An Adventures in Ghostsitting novella, Book Three

They’ve faced a crazy ghost and a madwoman, gained new friends, and sent foes to their final resting place, but Mel Hargrove and her boyfriend Becker are not sure what to do with this new situation.

Every year Mel takes a reliable (and portable) ghost to do a routine bad-mojo cleaning for a lovely woman who lives in town, and all goes well until she comes out to the car and finds a new, unknown ghost sitting in her back seat. How can she be just roaming around unattached to any object, unlike any ghosts Mel knows? Is she a brand-new ghost? Where did she come from? And why is she singing a theme song from an ’80s television show? Mel and Becker will have to find the answers — and the dead girl’s body — before it’s too late to help this lost maiden-ghost in distress.

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Adventures in Ghostsitting In-betweener with Mel’s cousin!

Danner Tenley’s stroll through a thrift store nets her a fortune-telling ball that reminds her of her youth. It’s all fun and games until it starts using her name and giving her very direct messages. But that’s nothing compared to the completely rude gnome with a perma-smile who pops out of her wall to tell her how to use the ball. On top of that, a troll has threatened to take over Danner’s life if he doesn’t get a certain book.

Toby Nelson, Danner’s friend and landlord, doesn’t know what he’s being roped into, but if she needs help, he’ll be there for her.  Meeting a gnome is quite the experience, and fighting a troll is something he’s not looking forward to; falling in love with his best friend isn’t even on his radar.

In a race against time, Danner has only a bad-tempered gnome and her hunky landlord to help her. How bad can it be?

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An Adventures in Ghostsitting Novella, Book 4

Mel Hargrove sent her father out for one ghost, and he came back with truckloads…
Things are rarely simple in the Hargrove junkyard full of wayward ghosts. But when those spirits and the book where she lists their names to keep track of them start acting out more than usual, she knows she has a crisis on her hands.
Then everything in the junkyard disappears, including the ghosts attached to the objects. Calls from angry townspeople wondering why she’s returning all their junk clue her in to where everything is but not why. Come to find out, it’s all a big distraction created by a vicious ghost her father brought home without realizing it.
Now it’s a race against time as Mel tries to figure out the ghost’s end game before all hell (literally) breaks loose.

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IWMGGANAn Adventures in Ghostsitting Novella, Book 5

Mel Hargrove has one mission tonight—to formally invite her dead relatives to her upcoming wedding. It should be easy enough, with her friend opening the portal, Mel’s mother running interference, and the groom-to-be, Becker, promising to stay by her side no matter what.
But things rarely go smoothly at Hargrove Junkyard, a place filled not only with junk but with a bunch of ghosts who have not yet passed over to the Good Place. So when a new menace arrives on the scene, taking her ghostly friends hostage and trying to run roughshod over her business, there’s only one thing for Mel to do—call in the troops and go to war, right after she deals with her irritating grandmother.


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