What I’m Reading

2/23/18 Shattered by Briana Michaels – soooo good!

9/18/17 Brandywine Brides – by authors including Mariah Stewart and Terri Brisbin!

8/14/17 The War of Art

7/4/17 Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes – Awesome book about the structure of a romance novel. Don’t miss it! Seriously! here’s the link: Romancing the Beat

4/23/17 Save the Cat by Blake Snyder

4/3/17 Reading some great articles in my Romance Writers Report. Sometimes it can be difficult to read fiction while writing it so I’m trying to concentrate on non-fiction right now to get this book done. And what better thing to read while I’m on my exercise bike?

1/9/17 Really enjoying The More Merricks, the Merrier! by Brenda Halen.