What I’m Writing

9/18/17 Letting Go – Contemporary Romance set on a farm that hosts inner city kids for the summer

8/14/17 rounding the final bend on book three of Tallie Graver Mysteries – Deceased and Desist

7/4/17 Finals edits for Cremains of the Day are in! First round edits for Grounds for Remorse have been sent back to the editor and now on to rewriting Deceased and Desist, book 3 in the Tallie Graver Mysteries.

4/23/17 Still working on Hair of the Dog, but it’s all good 🙂 I like the story and hope to make it shine!

4/3/17 Ooh have not been good about updating this! Grounds for Remorse is written, edited and sent to editor! Now I’m writing Hair of the Dog a single title romance with Mystery. And it’s the 50/50 challenge in my local RWA chapter so I hope to get this book done soon!

1/9/17 Good times writing the next book in the Tallie Graver Mystery Series for Kensington – Grounds for Remorse.

10/25/16 Working on Edits for Cremains of the Day for Kensington – coming out in November 2017. Good stuff and lots of fun.